Innovative Products

Our constant product innovations offer intuitive and smart solutions for even faster response and targeted help in an emergency.


Recognize new demands.

Behind every successful product innovation is first and foremost the recognition of a need. Different users and areas of application have diverse requirements and needs for medical products and first aid equipment. We recognize these gaps and close them with intuitively applicable, smart products. If a need can be satisfied and the expectation of a product can be exceeded, we speak of a product innovation.


BioPhos®74 Eye Wash Solution

BioPhos®74phosphate-buffered eye wash is designed to treat eye injuries caused by chemical burns. The special formula helps to quickly neutralize burns and prevent further tissue damage due to its high buffering capacity. The eye rinse is particularly gentle and mild due to the absence of foreign ingredients such as preservatives.

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EasyAid Plaster Dispenser

The EasyAid plaster dispenser is characterized above all by its ease of movement and its smart design. This means that the contents are always well protected and the plaster is removed cleanly and easily. Tailored to the needs of emergencies, EasyAid is an intuitive and uniquely expandable and combinable plaster dispenser.

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ACTIOMEDIC® Quick-Aid Bandage

The ACTIOMEDIC® quick bandage is a true all-round talent. It is both water-repellent and elastic. It thus reliably protects the wound while offering maximum freedom of movement.

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Wound and Eye Spray

The ACTIOMEDIC® Wound and Eye Spray offers fast help for wound cleansing in the case of eyes and wound injuries. The compact spray is ideal for mobile use and is particularly gentle and effective due to its phosphate-buffered sodium chloride solution. The spray can be used with one hand and remains sterile even with multiple uses.

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