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Sodium chloride solution
in case of eye impurities.

Your eyesight in the best hands

Sodium chloride - the eye rinsing solution for foreign bodies in the eye

In case of injuries to the eye caused by foreign body entry, such as chips, metal splinters or dirt, our sodium chloride ophthalmic rinsing solution is the first choice in case of emergency to immediately provide the eye with the necessary help quickly and thoroughly. The sterile liquid with 0.9% sodium chloride solution is gentle on the eye and our ergonomic rinsing heads guarantee easy and safe use.

Guaranteed help - cleans gently and reliably

Safe use - thanks to ergonomic rinsing heads

Proven protection - thanks to strict quality controls


Reliable eye rinsing solution for contaminations

Dirt- and germ-free solution

Unlike regular tap water, our sodium chloride rinsing solution offers the advantage of using a dirt- and germ-free liquid to rinse your eye. The tamper-proof cap found on all of our eyewash bottles guarantees the sterility of our rinsing solutions.

The sodium chloride rinsing solution in the 500 ml bottle is versatile and an important part of the first aid equipment e.g. for:
  • Workshops
  • Metalworking stores
  • Industry
  • Woodworking stores etc.
  • Shipyards and mining
  • Disaster control

Sodium chloride is a useful addition to stationary eye showers, as it can be used individually or, for example, in combination with our Medi2Protect mobile eye wash stations, and can be transported to the scene of an accident as quickly as possible in an emergency.
It is used in case of mechanical injuries caused by foreign body entry such as chips, metal splinters, dirt, dust, etc.

Sterile liquid for gentle cleaning

The sterile liquid with 0.9% sodium chloride gently flushes foreign bodies or dirt out of the eye. With immediate and uniform rinsing directly after the accident, further damage to the eye, such as smearing or rubbing, can be avoided.


1.Remove the dust cap from the rinsing head.


2.Rotate the eyewash bowl 180° until the seal breaks.



3.Lean the head back, put on the eye cup and rinse.


4.Bend forward when rinsing if you do not want your clothes to get wet.


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